Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Companion

My new Comp. Is elder Cox! From...... you guessed it! Utah, Draper. HAHA is pretty cool. I am looking forward to this transfer. This week we had a Thanksgiving Brunch prepared by the Bradys! They are the senior couple. They are pretty chill folks. It was really good. Sadly no turkey here. We cant get turkey here in Barbados until Christmas time. We had Ham though. It was awesome. This week, we had a trainers meeting with my new Comp. The meeting was with the mission president. I sat next to him during the meeting. The meeting consisted of many missionaries from every island in the mission including the french ones. I got called on a lot by president, but everything went well. This week has just been filled with showing the area to my new Comp. and enjoying the mission here in Barbados! I see a lot of potential this transfer, so we will see how well it goes. Anyway, Enjoy your week! and I love you all back home! Take care.

November 14, 2016 update

Hey everybody!
I have been in the mission field for an exact 2 months! Pretty crazy. anyway.... my week was nice.
I got to find a service opportunity with one of our contacts. He is a 7th day Adventist, and doesn't like the mormons, but we found him starting to unload huge bags of fresh produce ( ginger, grapefruit, plantains, and dashines) out of his work truck. He was so shocked that a couple of guys in a white shirt and tie want to help move these heavy dirty bags. I was just so happy that we found a way to serve him. After unloading the enormous bags in the pouring rain, he told us to come back tomorrow to share the message. He gave us some of his produce in some bags for us to take home. He told us how to cook them, and they were great! We got a lot of food from random contacts this week, but that is just one experience. 
Everyday, we see cruise ships park just outside Bridgetown. They are huge! There are not a lot of tall buildings here, so its easy to see the ships from where we live. There is a new cruise ship almost everyday. They look really fun. Maybe we will sneak onto one someday and cruise home. haha jk. 
We got to play dominoes with bro Doyal again this week. They are strong members, and I have come to really love them. We had an international service day this Saturday. It was raining at first, but the weather eventually cooperated. We cleaned up a small school, and we made a huge difference.
I love and miss you all! I hope ya'll have another great week!