Sunday, May 21, 2017

Happy Mother's Day - May 15, 2017

It was a short week. 
Really nothing happened.
We did get our new bikes. I got a picture of them too. They are pretty sweet.
We visited some members very far away in our area and they have a pretty cool view over the new airport. 
Yes, I got to Skype home yesterday. It was good to see my family again. 
I sure do love and miss them.
Happy See them.
sorry this is short, but that is about it for my week. Hope you all have a great week!

Then There Were Two - May 8th, 2017

This week Elder Tye moved North but is still serving in Georgetown. So E. Arzu and I are together in the same apartment. This will be my 4th transfer in Georgetown.
E. Nixon left for Barbados this week to return to black rock. It is sad to know that I will not see him for another 16 months at least, but we are sure to see each other then.
This week we visited Super star and drank slushies with him after wards.
Also, Happy Star wars day! and Cinco de Mayo! 
We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with burritos... YEAH! 
We also got brand new bikes! Sadly they need to be assembled. Too bad I dont have my tools! But, Cant wait to use them! They are soooo nice!
Also, we had more large spiders we caught in our house again... I just need a flame thrower now.
Here is a pic. of a toad that lives on our lawn and a plum rose.
Plum roses are really good!
Well, I get to skype my family on Sunday! I am so excited!

Hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mateo's Baptism/Transfer Calls

Hello friends and Family,
I had a pretty awesome week. This week,  the Georgetown elder traveled to the top of the island to Sandy Bay. It was another van ride to get there, but it involves driving through raging rivers, and across weak bridges. We visited a very strong couple up there in Sandy Bay. We visited the "Youngs". They have served a mission on some of the other Caribbean islands. We ate lunch with them and got to know them better.
Later in the week, we prepared for our baptism. There is no font here and this side of the island has too strong waves for an ocean baptism. So, we ad to find a river spot. after searching fora few days, we found a possible spot that needed some help. We constructed a dam to make the water rise about a foot and we cut the bush on the river side so people could stand and see. Bro. Browne helped us out for that. 
On Saturday, we had the baptism and Mathew (His real name is Mateo Zoland Williams) was baptized by Bro. Browne while E. Arzu and I witnessed. There was a lot of great fellow shipping that went on with the members. During the baptism, many powerful testimonies wore born by members and nonmembers including Mateo's mom whole is an investigator. Later that day, we had a fire at the Brownes with Mateo and his friends. We roasted hotdogs, and marshmallows. No one in St. Vincent has ever roasted them before, but everyone loved it! It was a day to remember.
On Sunday, Mateo was confirmed by President Booth and 6 members received the priesthood including Mateo!!! Also, and Elder Gamiette (Area seventy) was presiding there too! AND I gave a talk on the "Gifts" of the Holy Spirit.
Yes, it was a very busy week indeed. I am so happy for Mateo (Mathew) and for his decision to be baptized. We are now currently working with the rest of his family.
Transfer Calls!
Elder Tye is moving to North Georgetown with my old comp (Elder Cox) Elder Arzu and I are staying together in South Georgetown. Now that It is Just E. Arzu and I, the mission bought brand new bikes for us. I am so excited for that! We got to pick them out. I'll probably have pics next week
Well, that is just a small piece out of my week.
I love and miss you all back home.
Have a great week!