Friday, September 30, 2016

Week 2 update

Well, I leave for Miami Florida on monday morning, and I then fly out to barbados. I am super excited! This week, has been crazy also. I have been learning how to teach all day long everyday. Teaching has been a slight struggle for me because I get nervous when we do role playing. I feel like I will do better with a real investigator though. This place is an emotional rollercoaster. you just feel the spirit so much during the devotionals, and you learn so much too! You are tired here all of the time. My Canadian companion (elder correria) is going back to Halifax Canada! haha! he will be serving there for 6 weeks until he gets his visa for trinidad. The other americans in my district have to go and serve in Houston Texas until their visas come for the "Trinidad" mission as well as the canadians. I am just grateful I get to go to barbados sooner :)
I got to got to the temple again today. It will be the last time in two years I will ever see another temple again. I am kinda sad about that. The grounds around the temple are just gorgeous! Its so weird to see this beautiful temple here in this crazy busy city. 
 We did another service project yesterday at a convention center not too far from here. We always get the weirdest looks from people when we leave our "Compound"(MTC) I am soo glad I get to leave and enter the field Monday. I feel kinda trapped here. I am used to going out and going places, but now its different for me. I have been gaining weight sadly:( haha. We eat so much rice here, and the food that goes with it is so good(Mom's food is always better) As always... The weather here is insane, and I will let you all know what its like when I get to Barbados If any one wants to read my blog rather than my email, just send me me an email. My blog is:

Thursday, September 22, 2016

One week here at the D.R. MTC!

This has probably been the most insane week of my life. The first day literally felt like an entire week!!! Everyday this week has been a struggle to get up and work. I have been constantly having classes, reading the scriptures and feeling the spirit! We had a member of the seventy come talk to us yesterday. It was elder Walter F. Gonzales. He said some pretty cool things that will help me in the field. The weather here is just INSANE! Its feels like walking in an oven and its is sooooooo humid here that you can never stay dry from your sweat. It is by far the most intense weather I have ever felt. Here at the MTC, It is beautiful! Its is an oasis in the middle of this city. The food here is good. We eat A LOT of rice, and chicken. The food here in general is delicious(A lot of exotic fruits and a lot of bananas). My companion and I have to do a lot of role play. It was weird at first, but you get used to it. We play a lot of basket ball here and its fun. MY room consist of Elder: Correria(Canadian), Fisher(Canadian) Gibson(Idaho) and me. I have come to love these brothers a lot. Everyone here speaks spanish!I have only met on sister that is going to barbados and sh is the one in the orange dress. Everyone else is going to Trinidad. Anyway, The flight here was noisy, but cool! I got to fly over New York city and times square! Yesterday we got to leave this compound and do some service down the street. We picked up trash and swept the side walks. There is still a lot more to clean up:p.I have been through a lot of change this week, but I have been prepared for it in many ways. I am sorry about bouncing back and forth between when I got here and now, but I will be better prepared next week! Love you all and I look forward to serving in Barbados!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grant arrived safetly!! His first letter home:)

-- I don't have alot of time to type right now, but this is just a brief "I am okay" letter. I am here safe, all of my luggage is here, and I am also way out of my comfort zone. But everything is okay! I have a feeling of great excitement rushing over me and I cant wait to get started with the work! On my flight from SLC to JFK, I ran into about 12 elders and about 15 sister missionaries! The flight was long and noisy and I was really tired. I got no sleep. Once I got to JFK, I stuck with the big group of missionaries, and we were able to find our next gate. I just went through immigration at the D.R. and it was crazy scary! I only have seen one other missionary that is going to barbados and she is a sister missionary. everyone else is serving here in the D.R. except my compaion I just got assigned to! He and two other elders are going to the Trinidad mission. I like this companion and I think we are going to get along just great. when we drove from the airport to the MTC... I saw poverty everwhere. Everyone here is a scary driver. and I am just glad I got here safe. anyway sorry for the spelling errors, but I got to go. my pdays are thursday and I get to email you guys next thursday
Elder Jacobson

There he the Dominican Republic MTC...then to Bridgetown, Barbados