Monday, February 27, 2017

Zone Conference

Hey Y'all,
We helped a group of guys dig, and lay a foundation for a house... it was soo hot, but fun too. We dug the trenches and mixed cement. The guys were so shocked that some white boys came to help. HAHA

We had zone conference over skype with Elder Gonsalaves from the seventy. That was pretty cool. He talked about building "Common ground" with our contacting. 
He was talking to all the English missionaries on all islands at the same time. It was a 2-way conference. (Lasted 6 hours) We ate some much needed ham sandwiches for lunch... sooo good.

So get this! I did a magic trick for a kid on the street who was getting out of school, then! hundreds of kids showed up and loved it!!!! I was surrounded by like 300 kids ages 4-12 it was soo awesome!!!! It was a simple coin trick and I had everyone fooled!! HAHA! I am trying to learn more. every kid that sees me now, just wants me to do a trick for them. I love it! 
We taught an AWESOME family last night (The Warren family) We taught about temples and the family. It was soo cool!
The other elders in our apartment moved out and got a new one for them selves, so things are pretty quiet back at the house. 

WE GOT ROBBED AGAIN! our back door was pried open and the lock broken. They only stole our cutlass (a big machete used for service, opening coconuts, and attacking intruders;) SO! the land lord is installing burglar bars right now, and a security system. I guess I cant drink anymore coconuts without our cutlass.... so sad Nothing else was stolen. They didn't make it into our locked room. :)

Other than that, It was an awesome week to remember!
I love you all! Have a awesome week

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feb 13th letter....New transfer, New companion!

My new companion (Elder Tye) was stuck in Trinidad this week, but eventually got here. We have been getting a long great! We have been finding so many people! We spent most of the week having elder tye get to know the investigators here. It has been going great.
This week, Our land lord came to our house and have fixed so many problems our house has. We spent a lot of time helping them out with that. 
just an hour ago, I received a tender mercy. I was shuffling around in this giant box full of church magazines, and while I did, I was telling the elders how I (and my family) have been in a picture in the "Ensign" magazine. I couldn't remember which month or year, but the first magazine I grabbed, I just happened to flip to the exact page where the article was! I was so happy that I just happened to find it out of the thousands of pages I could have searched through. I thought again though, i didn't actually find it. Just something cool I felt today. I can't wait to show it to the other missionaries.
Well, Short week. I encourage everyone to try and  notice the tender mercies in our lives.
I hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Volcanos, Earthquakes, Giant Spiders & Transfer Calls!!

Now that I have everyone's attention... This week was pretty crazy... Nothing unusual about that. :)

This week, We hiked "La Soufriere" It is an active volcano where we live. The hike was super long and steep. The top was really cloudy and kinda cold. We could hardly see into the crater. It was too foggy. 
The next day (Tuesday), We had a delicious feast prepared for the missionaries by one of our investigators (Ashby & sis. Philips) During the feast, We goit our transfer call! MY new Companion is Elder Tye! I have met him before back in Barbados. He is coming this week. Which means my comp. (elder moli) is going home this week. So sad.
Later in the week, I was awaken during my nap by a small earthquake. We thought the volcano was erupting! HAHA. It was just a tiny earthquake.
 Yesterday morning, I woke up to find a huge ugly spider. I have a picture of it this time. We killed it, and went on with our day. 

This week has been really busy with elder Moli getting ready to go home. We have been having him say good-bye to everyone here in Vincy.
That will be me one day.
Today for p-day, we went to "Wilabou Bay" This is the place where they shot the very first scene of "Pirates of the Caribbean" It was pretty cool. I stood on the exact dock where Jack Sparrow was when he jumped off the sinking boat... Pretty cool. There were some older buildings that we explored nearby that were pretty interesting too. 
An awesome week. The people here are so cool. I love them
I hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Very Sick....January 30, 2017 Letter

Well, I got really sick with a nasty cold this entire week. The sore throat was unusually painful. Many symptoms followed. including :coughing, runny nose, sinus pressure, and a terrible headache. I am feeling better today, but I still am sick. I am loosing my voice as well.

Long story short, Two teens crawled into our house through a small window while me and Moli were inside getting ready for bed. They went into elder smiths/Nixons room, and stole about $50 usd and $80 EC. It was all elder nixons personal money. They also took elder molis speaker. We are double checking everything before we go to bed. When the two thieves escaped, they broke our main water line! They tripped over it when they ran away. 
So..... That is pretty much my week. We got the main line fixed the next day.

Kinda a gloomy week really. I am not gonna lie. Really, The weather here has been foggy. 
The week went by really fast because of all the rest I got.
Next week will be way better.
I love you all. Have a wonderful week!
Here is a pic. with "Super-star" He brings pictures of Joseph smith and every prophet with him to church. He has them out and looks at them during sacrament meeting. What a neat guy.

Climbing Hills in the Rain.....January 23rd Letter

Elder Moli and I have been doing so much work in the rain this week. The rain will not stop us. It has been another good week here in the jungle. We have a baptismal date set for a lady named: "Nicole" She is super cool and we are really excited for her. We love her and her family. She has a very sweet spirit. We are praying she will continue to progress.
I had goat meat for breakfast this morning. It tastes really good. So... That is my day so far.
Yesterday, I gave a talk in church "Why are the commandments important" It went well.
This week we had Zone conference. The 6 hour meeting went really well. We had KFC for lunch. We also took some photos too.

Cool story, A member in our branch went to church last in town for the Caribbean Broadcast message. Other member went as well. Her and the other members pool together the little money they had for a bus into town to go to the Kingstown church. Once the members realized they didn't have enough money for the bus, this lady stepped in and paid the extra money. After they got back from church that Sunday, The lady went home and to her surprise, found a groceries on her kitchen table. The extra money she spent on the bus was going to be used for the EXACT groceries she was going to buy the next day. She had every single thing she was going to get right down to the bottle and brand of mayo she was going to buy. Still to this day, no one knows where the groceries came from. No one else knew about this either. When we stopped by to visit her this week, sh told us this story. She broke into tears and said: "I know the lord is watching over me".

I know the lord provides for our physical & spiritual needs if we remain faithful to him. 

I love you all, I hope each and everyone of you have a great week!