Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wonderful youth night!

The week started off with a trade-off with the Zone leaders. I went with Elder Mikolyski.
That was a lot of fun. We visited some super cool people in his area in Kingstown. We also visited some members and played some "road tennis" at their house (It is like a larger game of ping-pong)
On Wednesday, Elder Arzu flew in and we met him. He is super cool. he has been a a member of the church for only 3 years and has been on his mission for 20 months. He speaks good English and is a very good teacher. The three of us are killing it here in Vincy.
This week, we held a "fun-night" at the church to get some of the youth out. It was really big! It was a lot of fun too. We played many games as one big group, and we also had some board games, cards, and of course... dominoes.
Many of the youth that came are now coming to church.
One of them being "Mathew". He came to church again, and he loves it! He has been reading the BoM and cant stop! It is so cool. He tells us that when he reads he couldn't put it down even though he would decide to stop on the page he was on. He also described that he feels different when he reads. He feels at peace.
We had a very real lesson with him yesterday. I pray that he will continue to progress like this.
 Also, This morning, we found a very unusual animal dead in our yard... An Armadillo!
It was very big... and stinky. We think that it was this creature that has been raiding our garbage can these past few weeks.
I also included a pic of some of the buses we take. they are vans (the blue ones)
I hope you all have a great week!
Take care-

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Another great week!! March 20, 2017

Hello everyone, My week was awesome. So much going on.

There was a holiday on Tuesday (National Heros Day) George town was very quiet. Usually There are crazy buses fly through, but instead it was a nice calm day with occasional expensive cars driving through. The next day, we did some service for the " Browne's" They are such wonderful people. We helped them build a roof to over hang their yard. We mixed cement, cut beams, and hammered them into place. I was so burnt after that! My skin is doing better with the coco butter lotion I bought. 

The senior couple came here for a fireside in George town. They taught our investigators and members how to use the footnotes. It was a very powerful meeting. Many people understood and enjoyed the meeting including our investigators.
The next day we Went to Chester and sat down at a members house playing board games & cards. eventually, Kids, teens, and adult showed up to play. It was so much fun! Sadly I don't have a picture of it.

The next day, we attended the relief society activity we were invited to, and when we left, We were asked by Bro. browne to mix some more concrete for him. So, two white guys in shirts and ties, mixed, and pour cement in the middle of the road. There were many people staring at us. One of them being a 17 year old. His name is "Mathew". Elder Tye went to go talk to him, and he said he has never seen white people work that hard before... haha. We taught Mathew that night with his friends, then he came to church, Then we taught him last night again, and now we have a solid baptismal date for him and his friend "Cameron". He is really solid, so we are praying for the best.

Transfer calls!
Nothing has changed for missionaries on St. Vincent except..... Elder Arzu (Who is from Honduras) is flying from Grenada to make Elder Tye and I into a TRIO!
So, that should be fun =D

I hope everyone back home is doing great.
I love and miss you all! Have a great week!

Friday, March 17, 2017

6 months in the mission!

I hit my 6 months mark tomorrow! I got to admit... It has gone by fast. 

I had a pretty good week. This week, I found an "Mango Arizona" for sale here in George town. This is the last place on earth where I would expect them to sell such a drink, but they did! It was so good! 

Also, We had some plantain trees in our yard that were bearing, but the "bunch' that was on it, became to heavy and it snapped the poor tree! So sad. So, We have a large bunch of plantains in our apartment. There are a lot better fresh.

This week we have been helping a member read this week. He is like 50 and has 2 kids. He has been to the temple, and has humbly asked us to help him read. We are so excited for him! It has been going great!
We also went by the Warren family this week, but we were able to meet so we said 'Hi" to them and took some fun photos of 2 of their kids. (Hannah & Joshua) They are a wild pair.

I hope you all had a great week! Take care!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Georgetown....A wonderful place!

Hello friends and family!

This week:
So, The senior couple had us make a police report about this break-in last week. So, we went to the local police station and they drove us in their truck to our house to inspect it. The cops who were there were super cool. They asked us about our mission and what we do. It was another great missionary moment.

We did some more service this week, we helped a member slice coconut chunks into smaller pieces. My hands smelled like coconuts the entire day. We also taught the "Warren" family again. I love them so much. It is so wonderful to have their whole family join us in the discussions. Their littlest (Hannah age -6) gave me and Elder Tye a big hug when we left... I know we are not supposed to hug, but I am not gonna stop her. She is so sweet.

We also had a trade-off this week. I spent the day with Elder Stephens. It went pretty well.

Elder Tye made some more banana bread yesterday for P-day. It is the best!

I also played a game of cricket with the locals. It is soo weird! Baseball makes so much more sense! But, I eventually got the hang of it. 
Every kid here comes up to Elder Tye and I because we do magic tricks! It is always fun to contact using magic. We also ran into these 2 boy who wanted to take pictures with us, so we did. 

I had a pretty fun week, I hope you all did too!
Take care everyone!