Monday, June 26, 2017

The Land of Spice Where Everything is Nice!

Hey everyone!
Grenada produces a lot of nutmeg. weird huh? Their slogan they have is is so true though. everything is nice.
We had a great week with teaching our progressing investigators such as "KIM" they are married and are excited to learn even more!
We also visited Martin this week. He has read 30 chapters out of the BoM and is LOVING it! He was so Crazy to see us and tell us all he has learned. he loves the church environment and the members in it. We are excited to see him baptized on July 15th as well.
So many fun and crazy things to talk about. This place is paradise. The sunsets are indescribable and the people here are so much fun to work with.
Another great week for me. Love and miss you all have a great week!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Loving GRENADA!!

My goodness, so much to say.
I have so many pictures this week that are so worth sharing, but I'll just show some of grenada.
I am loving my new comp. (Elder McIntyre) He is from Canada. He is a hard working chill guy. Love that Elder.
Our fist lesson we taught together, we already set a Baptismal date for "Kim" (Super Loving guy)
I just have a good feeling about this area. :)

I taught my first District meeting this week! I was nervous, but everyone said I did a good job.... So thats good!
We have four sisters and 4 elder in my district including me. 
I love this district so much, it has been my favorite thus far.
Super crazy week, So much to say, but Just wanted to let everyone know I am here safe, and Loving every second of it!

Panorama for the blog, Me and Elder McIntrye, and the church w/ its view!!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Leaving for Grenada!!

Hi everyone, It was a good week. 
I have been saying my good-byes to the people here in Georgetown because I am leaving this Wednesday for Grenada!!! 
I will be a District Leader in St. George's, Belmont, Grenada!
My new Comp. is Elder McIntyre! he has been out for about 4 months now.
I am very nervous to be a district leader, but I will try my best.

This week I went on a trade-off with Elder Tye and we worked in his area. I got to meet a lot of super cool people there too. That's why I love trade- offs.
We also had some really good lessons with our investigators despite the rush of "Carnival" here in Georgetown.
It is crazy the parties people throw here.
When I think of my mission, I always have D&C 1:1 come to mind.
It goes to show that no matter where we are, we are all god's children. 
I love you all,
Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Service in the Mountains

Elder Cox & Elder Tye both had a birthday this week. We celebrated with them eating cake and hamburgers.

This week we had to push back Earland's baptismal date. His mom wanted us to wait... which is hard because I may leave the island next week. 
We also spent one evening this week playing soccer with many locals at Black Point. It was a lot of fun and yes, I was the only white guy on the field... ahaha.
We did some service for an investigator named: "Keiven" He is supper cool. The four elders in Georgetown went into the mountains to his land where we cut bush and helped clean up part of his land. He had a lot of my favorite exotic fruit nearby and we got to snack on what ever was there. We all worked up a real good sweat.

The pics. are Arzu & I  at the service, Earland and his friend we contacted, and Me getting coconuts for the week.

Carnival- mission update May 29, 2017

Yes, Carnival began here in Georgetown this week. We were happy to see the rain come down during the party ;) No we do not proselyte near carnival. HAHA.
This week was good.
We got Mateo's brother on date for baptism (Earland). He is turning into a good friend of mine. He is always fun to teach. His mom (Anneta) and Mateo all showed up to church. It was awesome!
We also had a Recent convert bless the sacrament for the first time yesterday (Kieth)
He did such a great job. He is my good friend here in St. Vincent. 
Elder Cox had a b-day on Saturday and we celebrated with burgers and German chocolate cake (Super good).
Anneta also got me some cool, super rare coins for my collection. She is awesome.
We are getting bars on our bedroom windows soon, but not soon enough.
Also, E. arzu and I favor eating sardines for a treat... haha. Is that weird? HAHA.
Here is a pic. of another iguana I found by our house. Really pretty.
Well, another week in the mission.
Hope you all have great week!
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May 21st- Zone Conference

This week, had a trade-off with my old comp. (Elder Cox) That was fun.
We also had Zone conference over a large skype call. They are not too exciting, but it is nice to missionaries in the mission.
elder Arzu and I found some time to pick fresh Mangos in the jungle. We use them for smoothies... YUM!
We also found an iguana behind our house. It was big and we tried to catch it to eat, but it got away... But soon.... we will catch it.
We have been working alot with our recent convert (Earland). He came to church and is progressing this week. Hope to see him be baptized this week.
On Saturday, we passed by a Annette. She lives right on the beach. She was trying to build a bench from scrap wood. Oh yeah, We stepped in and built a bench that will last a lifetime. It was cool. We all had a lot of fun sitting on it. HAHA!
Anyway, Hope you all have great week. Thanks for the love and support1
Love you all,