Monday, March 12, 2018

Zone Conference / Car Trouble

E. Schmidt and I Prepared for Zone conference and we did a great job I thought.
We lead a short discussion. I learned more about fasting and the power that has. I plan to do more of it this week. Cause I really need it.
We drove President Herrington and his wife around a lot. and on the last day, we had to get up real early to take them to the airport.... but We had a flat tire! So, I got that changed quicker than a Formula 1 Car does.. (LOL) and when kept driving and we got another one!!!!! NO! So, They had to take a taxi instead and we were left in a big mess. When we finally got the car to the  shop, I felt like a mess. Everything got better when one of the mangers there gave us some free hats cause we tried asking for some. So, that made the day. 
I got sick this week and sneezed about a million times. 
Our main investigators are Jessica and Sarah. We are finding their lesson to be powerful and well received. Nigel didn't come to church. We plan on dropping him this week. You cant get baptized even if you do everything and NOT come to church. I KNOW....  and so testify this gospel is true despite the recent struggles.
I love my mission and I am grateful for the trial I have learned so much from. I love the scriptures. My invitation to everyone is to READ them!
I love and miss you all so very much. Have a fantastic week!
-Grant (E. Jacobson)

FLY - IN M.L.C. in Barbados

The week was busy and fun.
We flew from St. Lucia to Barbados for a big Mission Leadership Counsel. I got to see old friends, and meet new elders.
We stayed din a hotel and our room was pretty decent. It was paradise compared to our apartment.
The MLC meeting took ALL-DAY but it goes by fast. I love it. I would do it any day. E. Schmidt and I lead a 30 min. discussion. We shared about "Trust" from the members and how to work with them. It was successful.

After the main portion, Every ZL, STL, and AP drove to "Gun-Slinger Hill". Barbados was just recently dedicated by E. Renlund just 2 weeks earlier here. The ground felt Hollow and peaceful. I do not lie. It was an INCREDIBLE experience. 
We stayed 3 days,2 night s in Barbados then flew back to Lucia safely. Thank you for your prayers.
We visited the Hindu doctor again this week. He invited us on a  walk with family before hand. It was So  fun! There we are, 2 whites guys in a shirt and tie, walking through the bush with this Hindu family of 5.
Nigel didnt come to church, but Sarah and Jessica did! Oh it was wonderful! Everyone one in the branch met them. They are so kind.
President Herrigton fly back to St. Lucia again tonight, and we are gunna pick him up. Zone Conference is tomorrow and it should be fun!
Love and miss you all!
-E. Jacobson

Monday, February 26, 2018

Trade-Off with President Herrington!!

Yeah, We got to contact with my mission president! He is So darn funny! I love it! It was fun to see him see him react to the rejection we face! HAHA! I love him though. I am gunna miss him when he leaves this June.
He flew to St. Lucia for a branch conference too I had to drive him around which was alot of fun. He treated my comp and I to Chinese food. 
While contacting with him for 4 hours, we Contacted into a lesson with a Doctor from India! He is super nice and awesome! He had his parents in town and they are just about the nicest people on the planet. It was wonderful to have President teach and say things in the lesson. The love we all felt at the end was almost over whelming when we all closed in a kneeling prayer. 
I am Flying to Barbados again tomorrow for another fly-in-MLC. They are alot of fun!
Hope you all are doing great and and happy.
Have a fantastic week!
_Elder Jacobson

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bed Bugs & Beyond!!/ Transfers

Yes sir,
I said bedbugs.
It began with me sitting on my bed on Tuesday morning. I was scratching my arms and I noticed.... I have been itching WAY too much lately... SO, in a fit of RAGE, I threw my sheets off my bed to discover piles of living bedbugs underneath the second mattress. We later discovered they were on my comps bed as well as mine.
Well, I just about fell apart after that. It is hard  when you dont know where you are gunna sleep. Just puts a lot stress on your shoulders.
Well, We demolished the room and cleaned from head-to-toe. I drenched the place with poison and we rushed out to purchase new mattresses and take all of our clothes to a cleaning place.
We were very blessed when the store stayed open 30 minutes later just so we could pick up our new mattresses. As for the old ones, We put them right at the curb and the next morning they were gone! Which means... Someone stole them!!! Gross!
Here is a thought from my dad he sent me a few months ago:
 My mind was drawn to a scripture from the Old Testament in Ecclesiastes 5:12 where it reads, "The sleep of a labouring man is sweet..."  Sometimes it's difficult to sleep or rest with so much responsibility placed upon us at times, but the Lord's promise is that as we faithfully labor in His service, we will have a "renewing of [our] bodies"  
This promise was fulfilled Tuesday night. Everything has been taken care of.

E. Schmidt and I spent a lot of time searching for an new apartment for 2 new sisters that will be coming to our district. It has been super hard, but we manged.
We also got transfers an nothing is changing except 2 new sisters coming to the district and they are super chill. 

We  taught some cool lessons this week. We might be dropping Nigel. It is just so HARD to get people to commit to church!

I love and miss  you ALL back home. Have a great week!
Goodnight, sleep tight and dont let the Bed bugs bite!
-E. Jacobson

On Top of a Light House/ Happy Valentines Day/ Feb 12,18 update

As I go through my mission, I try to evaluate my offering to the Lord each day. Helps me to reflect on where I can improve the most.
I had a trade-off with E. Richins this week. He is SO much fun. I forgot to get a picture with him :P
The other day, E. Richins and E. Smith (Ciceron Elders) Called us in an emergency. They asked for a blessing after a dark experience contacting in there area. I know these elder pretty well, and they area has been known to deal with evil spirits. IT IS REAL. I know it.
We gave them the blessing at their apartment, and the peace we all felt afterwards felt similar to how I feel inside the temple. It was a holy experience I will not forget.
The Vieux Fort Central elders had a baptism so, we got to be there for that. Afterwards, we found that a trucks wheel came off and the wheel rolled right into our parked car!!! WHAT are the ODDS! oh well, It broke off our bumper, but I managed to rig it back for a temporary fix. We gave the 3 companionships there all an apartment inspection. Yes, we are like a an acting senior couple.
For P-day, we randomly decided to visit a light house very close to our house and the airport. It had an amazing view, but we chatted with the guy who has the keys to it and we talked him into letting us climb up to the top of it! IT WAS FUN! Got some really nice pics. I only wish it was clear enough to see the next island close to us, Martinique.
I love and miss you all so much. Have an amazing week and a Happy Valentines Day!

Trade-off with an Old Friend/ New Mission President- Feb 5,18 update

The week started with a Combined District meeting we held on the south end of the island. The zone is pretty cool.
E. Schmidt and I also taught a class at a local high school! Ya! It was crazy, but we shared "The Family" with them. We will be doing this every Wednesday for now on.
Yes, There was an announcement of our new mission president named: ALAN FISHER from Sacramento California. hehe, Same first name as President Herrington too.
I got to do a trade-off with E. GRANT! He is an old friend back from my days in middle school. WOW, we had a fun trade-off we spent some time catching up about talking about past friends and classes. It was great!! Love that Elder.
We had a super spiritual experience with "Nigel" this week. He is 22 and kinda wants to serve a mission. But he stopped us during a Plan of Salvation lesson we had with him and he told us he prayed  about the book, the prophet. he said it was the most sincere prayer he has ever done. He said:" I felt a burning feeling in my chest and I was overwhelmed with tears" At that point in the lesson, a sacred feeling entered my heart that I will forever remember.

Well, The island is beautiful here. I saw St. Vincent when I was in Vieux Fort and I saw Martinique from Rodney bay. (just look on google earth). The island are pretty.
 I love you all. This gospel is as true as you want it to be. All you need is a "Sincere Heart" to search and ask. 
Have fantastic week to my Friends and Family!
Elder Jacobson

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Conquered Gros Piton!

Hello Friends and family!
Real quick,
This week We had a fun Branch activity and had "trivia questions" The youth of the branch came and it was a lot of chaos and fun
After being super  hard-core rejected, Elder Schmidt and I found a super AWESOME old couple this week named Linda and Charlie. They loved the Restoration message. We are excited to keep teaching them.
The entire zone hiked the "Pitons" this morning. It was a blast and a half! My legs are dead though. It was super steep. Hope you all like the pictures.

I will share something I found in the old testament. I was reading from Ezekiel 36:26-28 He is talking about when we repent, we receive a "new heart AND a new spirit"
The Lord will help us in our trial of temptation. This has been a fun thought to share with people here. A lot of people are afraid of "back sliding" and The Lord helps those who surrender themselves to him.
I love and miss you all! Have a great week!