Sunday, November 5, 2017

Happy Halloween! + Picking up Chicks!

Happy Halloween to everyone back home! We had a branch trunk-or-treat on Saturday with some med students, and locals. It was nice. Lots of kids showed up.

The week was quick. We invited the senior couple on the island(the Mills) to join us for a lesson with Kendell. That went super well, but he didn't come to church :P

We did some service for Sis. P. this week. She had us vaccinate 1400 new born chicks!!! It was super cool! I have never given a shot, but I thought  I would give it a "SHOT"!. 
(HAHA) The sister missionaries just showed up and just took pictures... LOL. 

We are starting to teach a part member family that is returning to church. A single mom with, soon to be, 7 kids!! They are a handful, but we are going to teach the 2 older ones. Ages 10 and 8.

Elder Orme and I will be flying to Barbados this week for a Mission Leadership Conference. It will be our first for both of us. I ask for your prayers in safe travel.

So much to say in so little time. I will say, I love and miss you all. Have a wonderful holiday!

P.S (can you tell who has been out the longest by the color of the shirt?)

RAIN RAIN RAIN -Oct.23rd-update

It started raining last Monday and hasn't stopped since. it amazes me how much water there is in the sky.
Elder Kujanpää left this week :( SO very sad. I will miss that guy/elder.
However, My new greeny (Edler Orme my "son") Arrived in Grenada. He is from Las Vegas Nevada! 
This week started off rough for him. He got really homesick, but he is ok now. After meeting the AWESOME memebrs, he is growing in confidence. We have been working super hard despite this rain. It is so wet here. Not even lying. 
Well sorry this is short.
I love and miss you all! Take care!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Oct 16, 2017- Summoned to Court/ Transfer Calls

There was a member we traveled far to Gouyave to give the sacrament to, that passed away recently. His name was :Bro. Dave Edwards. We attended his funeral at a different church. The pastor who was there, spoke violently and yelled during his speech. I thought I was going to loose my hearing.
Another thing that happened this week was a random guy that wanted to join our lesson with an investigator. This man's name was: Ren. Ren was a bible scholar, but at the time, we never new that. Halfway during the lesson, he brought up Joseph Smith, and bashed him and our testimonies.
We never brought up Joseph Smith, but he insisted to argue about him. Well, He didn't want to hear our message nor our invitation, so We tried to ignore him. Ren became very determined to convince us that his view was right. So, he demonstrated his "Gift of Tongues"............. Just about the stupidest thing I have ever witnessed. He screamed a random sentence of gibberish that lasted an eternity! It sounded devilish. Well, we left the lesson in a respectful way and was kind to his beliefs... even though he was insulting to ours. His view just made my testimony even stronger. (D&C 24:15)

Upon visiting Kendall this week, told and us ho HAPPY he is!. He feels blessed! Things at work are going well. Everything is going well for him and he relates it back to THIS gospel. He is progressing so well. I am blessed to see this transformation in his life take place.
We also have been teaching Isaiah more! Oh  he is on his way! He is drawn into this church because he  cant find anything wrong with it! He has already come across many anti Mormon problems and he understands and believes the things taught. He came to church, as well did Kendall. Our most recent visit with Isaiah, he gave both Elder Kujanpää and I a hug, and said thank you.

We had a car wash finding activity Saturday. It rained super hard, but we still found success... and now I am super sick with a cold. :P
We were privileged to get fed by some member Med student in our branch. It was wonderful to get to know the "Messics" and there two little adorable girls.

I will be attending a court session soon in reguards to the incident on August 13th. It was suppossed to be today but they cancelled
Transfer Calls- I have been assigned to serve as a solo Zone Leader here in Grenada still. I will be a ZLT(Zone Lord Trainer). I will be training a fresh new Greeny! Elder Orme! Should be a lot of fun!

Elder Kujanpää will be going home this week, It will be very sad.... For I will miss him so!

Well, I love and miss you all! Take care!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

October 9th- update

I got word this week that 2 of the people I taught in Georgetown,  St. Vincent Got baptized! So that was good.
Kedar, and My really good friend, "Earland!" I was so happy to hear about that.
It is good to see my old friends doing well. Wish I could have been there.

We had some more intense service cutting bush for a nice guy in Mt. moritz. "Dexter"
That was fun though.
We have been teaching this awesome guy named Isaiah. He is super spiritual! I mean that. He remembers the premortal realm and has the most intense dreams to share with us. He is trying to find faith in jesus. He is still reading the BoM and loves the teachings in it. He is really funny, but we love him. He is a good friend. Hope to see him continue to progress. 
We have been finding many less actives that I have never met and they are wonderful! 
We had a strong spiritual experience this week while at Martins house again. He wasnt talking like he normally was. I wont tell all, but basically, we could feel a very strong evil and he eventually asked us to help him. So we gave him a blessing for that. It was VERY powerful. It was REAL. I felt drained after it and a real good spirit afterwards. It is something I will never forget.
I love and miss you all. love hearing how my friends are doing.
 Take care!

October 2nd- update

We had another Mission Leadership Counsel over Skype this week. They are always great.

We have a referral we have been teaching named Isaiah. He is our age and is super smart. We invited him to read the BoM..... and he did! In ONE DAY!!! It was inedible. when We visited him, he told us the story line.... he hasnt felt the power in it yet, but my goodness. We are currently teaching him as well as his friend in Trinidad. We have lessns with him over a group skype call. It is weird I know, but It is good.

I got to go on a trade-off with E. Rytting this week and that was fun. we shared a common interests in Rc planes.

General conference was short. Seems like the sessions are short because I am so focused. Russel M. Nelsons testimony shook my soul. 
general Conference was powerful.
the missionaries here were so excited to see that e. Alonso was one of the speakers!!! Not to mention, I got to meet him just a few weeks ago. An excellent talk though.

I like Ronald A. Rasband's talk. He mentioned :" The Lord is in the small details of our life." I know that is so true.
This church is so true. If only people will just softened their heart and hear the message. I pray for this daily. 
I love and miss you all. 
Take care.

September 24th - update

WOW! Seems like it has been raining a lot here. Also, Grenada had 4 baptisms this week!!! Aw man, all of them are solid members! i got to interveiw another young man in Grenville. It is wonderful to take part in responsibilities like that.
I had the chance to perform the baptism for a good friend of mine"Rendel Taitt" We play Basket ball together. He was so excited for his baptism!
Right after he came up out of the water, he put his hands up... And said ; "I DID IT!" He had the biggest smile.

We had an intense service project. elder Kujanpää, a member, and I  moved 400 cement blocks!!!! Are hands were shredded! Our arms were dead, and the people we helped were even more grateful. We are teaching "Franklin & Synthia" they have a wonderful family.

We had another service  project cutting bush with our cutlass in the pouring rain. I found a cool looking snake. I picked up too! XD
Well, I got a long, crazy, and random story for you all.
yesterday, after church, We came home to find our  neighbor (A very old man) knocking at our door. he needed some help, so we put on some flip flops cause we were about to eat lunch anyways.... So, We helped this man lift a big barrel into his car. It was full of donations fro the people suffering in Dominica. After that, he asked us to come with him to unload it, well, we did and we got in this car and drove into town. Well he didnt know where to drop it off, so he called a friend and drove to a spot to meet him. We got to the marina (Where all of the big, expensive yachts are) and met a random guy. Well, he got out to follow him and meet another guy down at the dock. We followed cause we didnt want to stay in the car. We get to the dock and began to walk all of the way out onto it. Well, as we walked, we looked at all of the nice ships nearby. They are SUPER nice! The old man got onto one of the yachts and began to talk with some random guy who owned the ship. Well, we stood on the dock and were clueless of what we should do. So, we stood there and admired all of the pretty boats. When all of the sudden, and storm showed up and it began to rain. The captain, shouted at us to get on! "We come on the ship?" Then he said: "Yeah, come aboard the ship". So we did. We sat there on this super super nice yacht and sheltered from the pouring rain. Well, 30 min. later, We shook everyone's hand and left with the old man. We felt strangely out of place. But every one on the boat was nice.
So we drove to the big shipping yard and drove right up to the place where they drop the big shipping containers! There was a cargo ship there at the time, and next to it, was the boat where we dropped off the barrel... FINALLY! Well he drove us back and thanked us. This whole time, we were gone for 2 hours! So that messed up our day.... But hey, Things like this happen all of the time!

So many things to say in so little time.
I love and miss you all! i love hearing how everyone is doing!
Take care!

Monday, September 18, 2017



 I am a year old! Holy cow, where has the time gone... Well elder Kujanpää and I climbed to the top of our apartment roof, burned a tie and sang the "Star-spangled banner". Yes, It was awesome and funny.
This week, we have been given so much local fruits and veges. It is one of those pro things of being in the Carib. Cons are the storms that pass through. HA! All is well in Grenada though.
My good friend Ricky came back from utah and I got to hear all of the fun things he did! He is so cool, wish I could have been there for him when going through the temple.
  We also drove to Gouyave again yesterday, that was nice. We brought a member from our branch and one from Gouyave. we brought the sacrament to a faithful member up there and we had a devotional with a family as well. It is days like that, that make you very grateful for how close a church is to you. They live at the top of the island.
We had a branch activity on Saturday. That was AWESOME! It was a "localizer" We got to eat a lot of local food and try things I havent eaten before. Ricky  made a giant pot of "oil-down" and he let my comp and I take home the rest of it :D
The work here is really picking up for some reason. we are experiencing countless miracles everyday. We find the most humble people to teach. We are be-befriending the most prepared. But we will see how this next month goes.
Really, I want to say, at the beginning of my mission, I changed. A lot of my behavior changed, but I feel like my nature has changed now that I have been out a year. I really feel privileged to have the opportunity to help people. Sometimes service is better than any worldly things we can receive by the way it makes us feel. 
I love and miss you all, See you in ONE!