Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Conquered Gros Piton!

Hello Friends and family!
Real quick,
This week We had a fun Branch activity and had "trivia questions" The youth of the branch came and it was a lot of chaos and fun
After being super  hard-core rejected, Elder Schmidt and I found a super AWESOME old couple this week named Linda and Charlie. They loved the Restoration message. We are excited to keep teaching them.
The entire zone hiked the "Pitons" this morning. It was a blast and a half! My legs are dead though. It was super steep. Hope you all like the pictures.

I will share something I found in the old testament. I was reading from Ezekiel 36:26-28 He is talking about when we repent, we receive a "new heart AND a new spirit"
The Lord will help us in our trial of temptation. This has been a fun thought to share with people here. A lot of people are afraid of "back sliding" and The Lord helps those who surrender themselves to him.
I love and miss you all! Have a great week!

AP Trade-off - Jan 22nd update

The Flight to and from Barbados was real nice. The AP trade-off was a lot of fun. Again, a lot of fun experiences that bring even more joy to missionary work. Also, many spiritual experiences in contacts too.
Here in St. Lucia, E. Schmidt and I have been working with a 21yr. old named "Donovan". He wants to serve a mission and enjoys coming out teaching with us. He is funny and cool. :)
During Church this week, A bunch of tourist came just for the day. One of them was a Returned missionary who served long ago here in St. Lucia! Crazy thing was, I have a tie signed by him! All of us missionaries got to chat with him and relate in so many ways. We had a lot of good laughs with "Ethan Hunt'.
We found out last night over a large mission-wide skype call, that another apostle is coming to the mission! Sadly, he is only going to Barbados. he will be dedicating the island and sonn to be others. We dont know which one it is yet.
Well, Lucia is AWESOME. I am looking forward to get to know the members more. Thats something that makes missionary work fun. Getting to know such wonderful, and faithful people.
I love and miss you all! Have a good one!

I am in St. Lucia! - January 15th update

Hello Friends and Family.
Another week where there is just TOO much to say. Well, it began with say good-bye to everyone of my friends in Grenada. It was REALLY hard. There have been many wonderful moms here that call me their "son" and saying goodbye to them has been tough. I love Grenada, I hope get the chance to come back one day.
While Traveling to St. Lucia, Our plane made stops on 2 other islands. I went from Grenada to Barbados to St. Vincent and to St. Lucia. While flying out of Vincy, I was taking pictures and I spotted my old Georgetown APARTMENT!!! wow, It was a cool experience to see my old area from the sky.
St. Lucia is real nice. Honestly, I feel like it is underrated. It is really developed and is SUPER pretty here. I have driven to and from the bottom of the island to the top twice now. The roads are really nice.
I have spent a lot of time meeting members and and contacting here. It is hard to move cause I have to learn everything over again.
When I got here, E. Schmidt and I had 3 days to prepare for Zone conference! Ahh!
Well, When President Herrington and His wife got here, We were ready., but before Z.C. though, We created a new "zone culture". We called it "Seek His Will" using Helaman 10:4.
After praying and feeling that it was right, we went to President Monson's Funeral. I could not hold back tears during the service. It was sad to see this wonderful man leave us. During the service, President Russel M. Nelson spoke and talked about a story in Germany. He used the SAME scripture (Hel. 10:4) and It felt as if the Lord was putting a stamp of approval on our effort for this zone. We are really trying hard to help this zone. I know we will see more miracles in the following weeks.
This week has been full of miracles and tender mercies. Oh how I am thankful for these things.
I bare testimony that our savior Jesus Christ is real, and he loves us.
I love and miss you all. I only ask for your prayers again when we travel for another AP trade-off in Barbados this Tuesday.
Take care :)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Goodbye Grenada!!

 Elder Orme and I hiked to Hog island. It is a small island next to this island. it is connected by a long bridge.
We Got to Play with TJ and Lily at a pasture. They are ages 5 and 7. They are so cute. We played basketball and football.
We also got to cut bush up in the mountain. We hacked our way through the bush to get there.... It was a BOSS experience. 
We had many service opportunities this week. It has been a lot of fun.
It was sad to hear President Monson Die. He is Greatly missed out here even in the Caribbean. 
transfers: I was actually supposed to stay another 6 weeks, but president changed his mind. I will be flying to St. Lucia and I will be Serving With Elder Schmidt as a Zone Leader. I have served around him before. I am excited for it. It will be fun!
It has been really sad to say good bye to the many people I love. Some people have been crying, and it makes me sad. OH I WILL MISS GRENADA!
I love this Gospel, I love this island, I love my Mission.
Love you all!
- Elder Jacobson

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!!

  I can officially say... "I go home this year" HAHA I am not trunky.
I got to do another trade-off with an elder from Grenville. His name is elder Tewson. He is a good missionary. We got to teach a new family! They were very eager to learn about the Restoration.
Though he is new, he will be returning home tomorrow. It was sudden, but I am sad to see him go.
This week, a returning senior couple that served he years ago came back for a visit. Ricks brother came back for the holidays too! His name is Ryan. These people have all met my parents and sister back in August during Ricky's endowment session at Salt Lake City. It was an awesome experience to meet these people!
transfer calls will come this Saturday. I have been here for 7 1/2 months, but I am unsure what will happen to me.
I love and miss you all! have a happy New Year!
-Elder Jacobson

Saturday, December 30, 2017


   I got to do a trade=off with Elder Newman this week in Grenville. I love that area. Though I never have served there. I hope to be able to serve there one day. We had a Grenadian Returned missionary come home. We hope to be able to work with him. The Senior couple (elder and sister Mills went home this week! We dropped them off at the airport and waved good bye! Then we got to take their Brand new Rav 4! :)
The Christmas season here was real busy, but I am glad it is over with. The stores always run out of eggs and milk during the holidays :P
I was really happy to see my family over skype! It has been over 7 months! wow!
Well, Too much to say this week. I took a lot of pics but here is one of me and the "Cummings" family. They are an awesome family!
Hope your Christmas was good too! 
Enjoy the New Year!

AP Trade-off!/ Baptizing/Cooking Crab- December 18, 2017

   We flew to my second home, Barbados! We went on a Ap trade-off with Elders: Hendricks (utah) and Joufrax (france). They were so much fun! We worked our feet off while contacting for 30 hours, but man, It was a fun time being with those missionaries. We had so many fun experiences, and wild things happen, just know it was good. They got me my favorite.... MAPPS! bless their hearts. We drank non-alcoholic wine, and spent the days working and laughing to the fullest.
So many moments where it is just AWESOME to be a missionary!

Elder Orme got to baptize "angel" this week! It was great! Except, He stepped on a SEA URCHIN! During the next day, his foot hurt real bad in sacrament meeting, so we drove him to a clinic. They did a terrible job, but they pulled out a small spine out of his foot. he is getting better now.
We found a large crab behind our apartment, So we caught it, and boiled it! It was my first time, but I made it real nice. It was in a coconut milk soup, and it was real tasty! Even ask elder Orme!
Wow, So many crazy fun things happening. I have really enjoyed this week.
I love and miss you all. I am excited to hear from my family in 7 days. It is gunna be sweet!
Merry Christmas!🎄🏝