Friday, June 22, 2018

21 Months In The Mission!!

Hey Fam.
We cut to cut sugar cane grass for service this week.... thing is, sugar cane grass is the equivalent of cutting knives! If you touch it, you will cut your hand!My laft hand is shredded from that.
On Wednesday, I hit 21 months... I remember when I had 21 months left! Time sure does fly.
We had a ZL trade-off and I went with Elder Nordgren. He is super awesome. While opening coconuts with my bare hands for a lady, E. Nordgren cut his hand while scooping out the coconut with a knife! I sure put my Boy scout first aid to work! Hahaha. I just dumped super glue on it, and it has made a great recovery!
A shout-out to Bro. Nuffer for teaching me that!
There was baptism on Saturday for the sisters. While filling the font, we found a massive centipede! The people here kill them every time they see them.
WE had a great lesson with Henry Alfred again. We plan to teach him about baptism for the dead. He was concerned with the Spirit world, Priesthood, and reformers from the early centuries. The Spirit answered those so well!
Jonathan came to church again. afterwards, he asked us more about what tithing is. He was so happy to hear that we ONLY pay 10%. He thought we payed all! Some members do though.... Again, The spirit taught him so well the importance of tithing.
After the lesson, he said: "I need to fast  for what day I will get baptized" So awesome!
Everything is good here. The mission president and his wife leave next week, and the members here are preparing for their farewell.
I hope you all have a super week!

The Return To My First Area!!

Howdy Fam.
This morning, I went to my first area in the mission, Black Rock. WE ate "Mapps" and then visited my old apartment, and some old members.
It was SO weird being back. Words cannot describe the joy too.
This week, we did service for president Waldron in his plant nursery. 
We got fed by members, including some Canadians (The Rooks) They are a lovely family. Sadly they return home tomorrow.
We had a trade-off with the assistants again. I went with my old buddy, elder Hendricks. we did a lot of contacting, and found a lot potentials.
We had many times this week where we picked mangoes for members and 
Mango season is the best in the Caribbean.
The branches here in Barbados have made a choir and we joined it for President and Sis. Herrington's Farewell. They leave at the end of this month. Our main investigator, Jonathan, comes with us to those! We do everything with him and Mathew.
E, Grant and I taught an amazing lesson with a guy SUPER close by. His name is Wayne and he just thanked us so much for helping him with the understanding the bible.
We plan to teach him more.
Mom and Dad sent me a package and that was a lot of fun. 
This week, I will hit my 21 month mark.... time is going faster.
 It is weird.
I love and miss you all!
Have a great week!

Hello, Our Names Are Elder Grant & Elder Jacobson

It was the branch president birthday this week. We got him his favorite chips, played chess and did push up for every game we lost.
Thing is, When we play chess with him. We either get smarter or stronger.... hehe
President Waldron got birds for his birthday, BUT we almost caught a beautiful wild one! I got so close to it!
We got fed by members alot this week. That was nice. They are solid, dedicated members here.

Today for P-day, we did miny-golfing at a beach resort. It was fun. I did well, and had a bunch of fun. I would even do it again.

Our main investigator, Johnathan, is doing well. both Mathew and him came to church again. Johnathan comes to us to read the BoM because his mom doesnt want it in the house. In his heart, he knows it is good. It has been great to help him in his journey.

I know it.
I love and miss you all.
-Elder Jacobson

Acupuncture!!/Breadfruit is Life!

My companion, Elder Grant, knows and has [clean & new] needles... He has done acupuncture to all of his companions
It helps with neck and back pain. It didnt hurt at all and was a lot of fun.
We find wild monkeys in our area a lot. Its nothing new, but kinda cool to see them.
We went to pick bread fruit and mangoes with our friend Jonathan and his siblings. 
We brought them back and fried them up. Super good. It is like a giant tree potato.
We also had a french missionary stay with us for a day. He is getting a visa renewed, but we brought him with us to some service in president Waldrons garden.
We enjoy playing chess with president, and helping him in his garden. I even beat him once this week!
We helped him with one of his rabbits. Its teeth got super long, and he clipped them with wire cutters while we held it. Surprisingly, it didn't even hurt the rabbit. 
We have noticed much growth with Johnathan and Mathew. They are coming to church and come with us to appointments all on their own! They are some good kids. Also our good friends.
I found our this week from another missionary that my two old investigators we found and taught in St, Lucia, Mandla and Kindra, GOT BAPTIZED! What!
I got to email them today and they are doing great! Wow, I am so happy for them. They saw the blessing from living the gospel and now seek to visit the temple. What a family.
I love everyone back home and those in the Caribbean.
-Elder Jacobson

Back in Barbados!! May 22, 2018 update

We said goodbye to everyone in Sint Maarten. So many crazy things happened, but I will cover the main highlights.
When we said goodbye to the boys at the boys home.... They all cried! So sad..... let us see some success from our labors.
When we left Sint Maarten, we met a returning missionary from the Congo! He is going to Guadeloupe. we traded coins with each other and while we did, a massive fight broke out with a TSA officer, and a big lady! wow!
We eventually flew to Antigua, then to Barbados. I said goodbye to E. Larson when we arrived in Barbados, he got a flight to Grenada. After some trouble with immigration and using my cunning words to flatter them, I made it in!
I received the warmest welcome by E. Grant. He is super tidy and keeps things clean! i love it!

I got to meet our Landlord, who is also our branch president! He is the Best! So funny and nice! We pay chess with him, and he lets us use his gym! 
This week we had karaoke night! and one of our investigators came! His name is JJ and he is 16. he also came to church, and brought a friend to work out with us.
Things are going great! Of course, every area has struggles, but I am feeling very confident in the success here.
I love you, Have the best week ever.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Transfers / Anguilla!

We have been working so hard to prepare our investigator, Thiami, for May 19th.
Perhaps the word of Wisdom may be a stumbling block for her, but who knows... She has a lot of faith.
We were able to teach a lesson at the boys home again, and we are not allowed to teach doctrine, but we shared the atonement! WOW! What a well received lesson. The counselors there, and the boys felt just some of the power from what the atonement truly is.

We got transfer calls late on Saturday night, and something very unexpected happened!
E. Larson is Going to blank an area in the valley of Grenada! NICE! He will be with an old friend of mine from St. Lucia. I will be LEAVING and serving in Kingsland, Barbados!!
I will be with another friend from St. Lucia BUT an old friend from back home!! E. Grant!!!! We knew each other back in middle school. 
Well, I got to carry that news to my skype call for Mother's day.
That was great! oh it was so good to see the family again! It was my final skype 

I feel I can conquer the mission now. Lets do this!
I am fly to Barbados on Wednesday. Prayers are much appreciated.
Thanks for the love and support!
have a Fantastic week!

Almost At My Last Skype- May 7, 2018

Happy Star Wars day!
Sure cant wait to see the movies when I get home.

We had a lesson with this lady named Annie. She was a ref feral from the other Cole Bay elders, and we somehow found her house. Her house is this very small one-room shock, but it is home. A lot of things were broken, and Elder Larson and I sat on this small bench. We shared a lesson with her, and she found it interesting. We got to know her better, and she began to cry! Just about the most heart-breaking thing to watch. Her family is struggling in Dominica, and she is living a hard life with family dying, money running short, and small problems everywhere. It was difficult to witness her situation. We shared some uplifting scriptures, and gave her hope. That is what the book did. It is giving her hope. We hope to see her progress.
Right after that, we visited Tymme and she was on the phone crying and talking to someone. When We finished, she asked us to say a prayer with her. 

She and another  investigator of ours, Ampy, came to church. Tymme seem to really love it now.
We plan to set a baptismal date this week with her.

We had a fun night this week and it began to rain, but no elder wanted to pass up this opportunity, so we played in the pouring rain! it was a lot of fun. Wish I got pictures.

I sure love and miss you all. The words of encouragement you guys give is very much appreciated.