Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 21, 2017

 Hello everyone, I am still here in Grenada and I had a good week.
Though it was stressful to start off with, because we had to do a lot of paper work for the police and insurance in regards to the incident last week. We should have our car tomorrow and I will be driving in here this week. XD

The three of us helped out the branch president more this week. We got to use a hiltte again and and dig out cement in there front living room. It was so much fun. I just miss using power tools. We worked up a good sweat from that.

This week I interviewed my first investigator, from the sisters area, for baptism. I got to meet Diava . She is from Lithuania and her husband is from Grenada. She fed us dinner and after that, we did the interview. I was so privileged to do that. There was an indescribable spirit there during that, and after wards, When I told her she was ready, she insisted on giving me a hug. Everyone there was just so happy! I will never forget that.

When she, and her husband came to church yesterday, Ashton, got up during priesthood and basically bore his testimony about this church being true. He is a very quiet guy, but when he did that, every local, med. student and missionary could feel a  very powerful spirit there.  
That sunday, we borrowed the sister car, and traveled to Gouyave. The mission recently closed This area, and if you look at a map, you will notice it is very far away from everything. We visited with some of the members there as well as a brother in Victoria. We met Br. Dave, He can not leave his bed, and being with him and giving the sacrament, we noticed he was very touched to have us be there. It was a privilege to be there.

It is wonderful to be serving in this part of the Lord's vineyard.
I learn so much everyday even though I have been out for almost a year. 
Also, I will have been to and from Barbados before I email again. We will be meeting Elder Alanzo of the seventy. So wish me a safe travel.
I love and miss you all, Enjoy the solar eclipse :)

Crazy Crazy Carnival Week!

   Well, before the crazy, I have been out for 11 months!
Also, would like to mention some better things too.
We helped a very old lady living in a VERY large home. We helped here as a district, clean part of her house. "Mrs. Merril" Was so thankful, and invited us to stay as a guest for when we come to Grenada for vacation :) She is a nice lady.
   AND, We got word that all the missionaries on the island are flying to Barbados on Aug. 28th!!! We are having Zone conference in Barbados! That will be so Awesome!
We also have been getting to know the branch president alot more this week. We have been removing tile in his new house he is remodeling. It felt good to grab a hammer and a crow bar.
Sadly, non of our investigators came to church due to a member who fell through on us at the last minute for their transportation. It is times like that, that make missionary work stressful.
We had a fun Branch activity this week with locals and the med students. It was so much fun. 

While driving to an appointment, We were being tail gated REALLY hard by a Silver Subaru Forester License Plate number #PU 313. This guy seemed vexed at us for no reason. When traffic became congested, he got out of his car and approached our car. He told us to drive better and we told him to go away. He tried taking a "swing" at E. Monroe, but he missed. We quickly drove away when traffic cleared. he go t back in his car and followed us and over took us. We glady let him pass. But he got out of his car to approach us AGAIN! We rolled up our windows and locked the doors. He Tried opening E. Ashcraft's door! (The driver).
We yelled at him "GO AWAY!" He got back in his car, drove ahead and pulled over.
E. Monroe called the police, and I took a picture of his car with out him noticing. Yes, I got his plate number! We drove past him to get to our appointment.... but he began to follow us. After a long 30 sec. chase we maintained our speed and and stuck behind a parked car on a main road. THIS DRUNK, rammed us from behind going 25 MPH! We hit a Honda CRV infront of us. The drunk pulled away and drove into the hills. Haven't seen him since. Lucky, no one was hurt in there car nor ours. While waiting for the police and a tow truck, We were mocked by many people. The police concluded we were not at fault for anything. I had a major headache right after the wreck, but I am ok now. 
I believe with all my heart that the spirit kept us safe during this wreck. Details I wish not to share yet.
Somehow, we walked back to town and made it home alive. The worst part was, that we never made it to our appointment :P
This all happened during Carnival BTW. There were many immodest things We have seen people do here while proselyting. It is sad to see a holiday like this, turn some people into wild animals.
Do not ever got to a carnival here.
Always remember, we are children of god. Though the world may have a different view, I strongly encourage everyone reading this to remember that we have a purpose in this life. And if you dont know what that purpose is, meet with the missionaries.
Well, this church is TRUE! Sometimes, I walk down a crowded street and look at everyone who is not a member. I feel sad for them. But I believe they will have every chance to accept it. Just wish it were now.
I love and miss you all. take care, and have great week!

Elder Jacobson

A Taste of Shark- Aug. 8

 We have been teaching the recent convert Johnny Martin. He is literally one of the most humble guys I have every met. So nice and loving. It is a true blessing to teach him. 
This week for one of our lunches, We made fried Shark! It was so good! We will be having it more. Super  cheap too.
We had a service project as a district helping out at the Maturine's bakery. we scrubbed like a hundred pans for them and wiped down everything. Love the Maturines.
Also, fasting this sunday was super hard. Going with out water was really hard for me this time, but I have found that the greater the sacrifice, the great the blessings.
Church was amazing, not to mention. We had members from all over the island do a combined 
sacrament meeting here in St. George's.
Many powerful testimonies were given. I will remember that day always.

I was able to fill my entire missionary journal and start on a new one. Probably one of my most prized possessions now.
Yesterday for P-day we hiked mt. Qua Qua. The hike was very steep and extremely muddy. That was the muddiest trail I have ever done. I could get any picture of how muddy it was because My arms and hands were to muddy to touch my camera. HA
It was an awesome hike. We could see from Grenville to my area in Belmont.
Well, Another great week. 
I am almost at my year mark.
I love and miss you all have a great week!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Goodbyes and Basketball

 Well, E. McIntyre left for Barbados and We welcomed the arriving sisters, and a new greeny. It was a sad day for sure. I am sure I will see him again in the mission though.
We found this super delicious restaurant called "Umbrellas" and it has a killer veiw over the ocean. It is our favorite spot to eat as a district. 
This week we helped One of our investigators named Aston. We heped plant seeds for him and in return, we got fresh mangos, and bananas. 
My two companions, who are Zl's, had a 4 hour MLC meeting over skype and I joined in on that. You always learn something new from those skype meetings.
As always here, We have a friday "Sports night". We call it; "SPORTz @ Mt. MORTZ" It is so fun to play Basketball and futbol with the local teens. Believe it or not, but our trio destroys at basketball. We are a solid team.
Also Grenada has their carnival starting up and it is called: JAB JAB. It is super weird, but the people love. I dont advise doing any research on the event....
Well we hiked to the "Seven sisters" waterfall and it was pretty. Grenada has a lot of water falls though.
AS always, I love and miss you all back home. Missionary work here is progressing. So many nice people we meet. Possibly, people ready for this gospel.
love you all,
Take care
-E. Jacobson

July 24th update-

This week was fun yet slow. 
First off. Both elder Mcintyre and I got a cold and we have been coughing a lot. We also both got really high fevers, and joint pains.
Now that I have said all my complaining, this week was fun because I got to eat "oil down" it is a local dish and is AMAZING. So delicious. Sounds fattening, but It is not really. haha!
We also did service up in the mountain for a member named brother Cummings. he is such a nice guy. His wife served a mission. They are such a wonderful family.
We had to hack our way through thick bush to get to his land. It was long and treacherous journey. REALLY it was just one of those moment where you feel like a boss because you cut your way through a jungle.... HAHA!
This week we had a mission wide fast for our investigators. It truly was effective for the mission. Just something I will throw in there.
Transfer calls!
So My comp. Elder McIntyre is moving to Barbados and I am moving just down the street to live with the ZL's (Eler Monroe, and Ashcraft) They both go home next transfer. Our "Trio" is covering both the area I currently work in and as well as the Zl's area. I love both of these areas very much.
Well, that is about it. Cant believe I will hit my year mark in 7 weeks.
I love you all, Have a great week.