Friday, March 17, 2017

6 months in the mission!

I hit my 6 months mark tomorrow! I got to admit... It has gone by fast. 

I had a pretty good week. This week, I found an "Mango Arizona" for sale here in George town. This is the last place on earth where I would expect them to sell such a drink, but they did! It was so good! 

Also, We had some plantain trees in our yard that were bearing, but the "bunch' that was on it, became to heavy and it snapped the poor tree! So sad. So, We have a large bunch of plantains in our apartment. There are a lot better fresh.

This week we have been helping a member read this week. He is like 50 and has 2 kids. He has been to the temple, and has humbly asked us to help him read. We are so excited for him! It has been going great!
We also went by the Warren family this week, but we were able to meet so we said 'Hi" to them and took some fun photos of 2 of their kids. (Hannah & Joshua) They are a wild pair.

I hope you all had a great week! Take care!

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