Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Georgetown....A wonderful place!

Hello friends and family!

This week:
So, The senior couple had us make a police report about this break-in last week. So, we went to the local police station and they drove us in their truck to our house to inspect it. The cops who were there were super cool. They asked us about our mission and what we do. It was another great missionary moment.

We did some more service this week, we helped a member slice coconut chunks into smaller pieces. My hands smelled like coconuts the entire day. We also taught the "Warren" family again. I love them so much. It is so wonderful to have their whole family join us in the discussions. Their littlest (Hannah age -6) gave me and Elder Tye a big hug when we left... I know we are not supposed to hug, but I am not gonna stop her. She is so sweet.

We also had a trade-off this week. I spent the day with Elder Stephens. It went pretty well.

Elder Tye made some more banana bread yesterday for P-day. It is the best!

I also played a game of cricket with the locals. It is soo weird! Baseball makes so much more sense! But, I eventually got the hang of it. 
Every kid here comes up to Elder Tye and I because we do magic tricks! It is always fun to contact using magic. We also ran into these 2 boy who wanted to take pictures with us, so we did. 

I had a pretty fun week, I hope you all did too!
Take care everyone!

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