Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grant arrived safetly!! His first letter home:)

-- I don't have alot of time to type right now, but this is just a brief "I am okay" letter. I am here safe, all of my luggage is here, and I am also way out of my comfort zone. But everything is okay! I have a feeling of great excitement rushing over me and I cant wait to get started with the work! On my flight from SLC to JFK, I ran into about 12 elders and about 15 sister missionaries! The flight was long and noisy and I was really tired. I got no sleep. Once I got to JFK, I stuck with the big group of missionaries, and we were able to find our next gate. I just went through immigration at the D.R. and it was crazy scary! I only have seen one other missionary that is going to barbados and she is a sister missionary. everyone else is serving here in the D.R. except my compaion I just got assigned to! He and two other elders are going to the Trinidad mission. I like this companion and I think we are going to get along just great. when we drove from the airport to the MTC... I saw poverty everwhere. Everyone here is a scary driver. and I am just glad I got here safe. anyway sorry for the spelling errors, but I got to go. my pdays are thursday and I get to email you guys next thursday
Elder Jacobson

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