Monday, February 27, 2017

Zone Conference

Hey Y'all,
We helped a group of guys dig, and lay a foundation for a house... it was soo hot, but fun too. We dug the trenches and mixed cement. The guys were so shocked that some white boys came to help. HAHA

We had zone conference over skype with Elder Gonsalaves from the seventy. That was pretty cool. He talked about building "Common ground" with our contacting. 
He was talking to all the English missionaries on all islands at the same time. It was a 2-way conference. (Lasted 6 hours) We ate some much needed ham sandwiches for lunch... sooo good.

So get this! I did a magic trick for a kid on the street who was getting out of school, then! hundreds of kids showed up and loved it!!!! I was surrounded by like 300 kids ages 4-12 it was soo awesome!!!! It was a simple coin trick and I had everyone fooled!! HAHA! I am trying to learn more. every kid that sees me now, just wants me to do a trick for them. I love it! 
We taught an AWESOME family last night (The Warren family) We taught about temples and the family. It was soo cool!
The other elders in our apartment moved out and got a new one for them selves, so things are pretty quiet back at the house. 

WE GOT ROBBED AGAIN! our back door was pried open and the lock broken. They only stole our cutlass (a big machete used for service, opening coconuts, and attacking intruders;) SO! the land lord is installing burglar bars right now, and a security system. I guess I cant drink anymore coconuts without our cutlass.... so sad Nothing else was stolen. They didn't make it into our locked room. :)

Other than that, It was an awesome week to remember!
I love you all! Have a awesome week

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