Monday, April 10, 2017

General Conference

The week was pretty good,
We continued to teach Mathew this week. He is doing so well! we also met and had a lesson with his mother "Annette" and his little brother too!
Mathew and His brother came to general conference and loved it! He has continued to feel of the spirit. It is so much fun to see him progress!
We also had alot of fun with a different "Annette' and her family. We made banana bread and peanut butter cookies. We did Book of Mormon charades! That was fun too!

We stayed in Kingstown for 2 days for General conference. I loved it so much! I cant wait to share some of those messages with our investigators! I t has been my favorite by far! The spirit was so strong. We had many members bus from Gerorgetown to come see it. Everyone loved it, even investigators!

While ending our night at a members house and their family, I was chatting with a teen named "pikachou"  outside on street, I heard and saw a small explosion in my preferably vision. I then saw a lady on the street screaming. Then, one of the wooden houses at the end of the street was covered in huge flames! Many people ran towards it and began pulling the woman away. The fire burnt an electric pole which caused bright electric flashes to light up the night sky. So, the closest fire truck is an hour drive away through the jungle and only the police showed up with some buckets and hands to help put it out. The fire was massive and hot. The first house burnt down within minutes, We decided to leave the area because there were electric sparks/flashes going everywhere. It was very sad to see this lady loose her home. We said a prayer and returned our apartment. We later found out, 3 house were burnt down, but no one was killed. The government has stepped in to rebuild these houses for these 3 families, and in the mean time, are rooming with neighbors, and additional family. The scene was horrific at the time, but we were all thankful no one was killed.
That was just a crazy thing that happened this week that was sad, But this week was still a really good week due to conference and the other events.
I love and miss everyone back home! 
Have a fantastic week!

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