Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pressing Forward...April 10, 2017 letter

Very good week for being a missionary.
We taught our best progressing investigator (Mathew) this week 4 times! Also, He came to church as well! We are seeing an awesome change in Mathew. Although we have pushed back His baptismal date 2 weeks, we feel he will be ready by then.

We also have been teaching the kids of the "Warrren" family. The lessons include Fransiska (17 yrs. old) and here two siblings "Joshua & Hannah" while their dad sits near by, but doesn't bother listening to us. He lets us come over because the kids want us to come. It is pretty awesome to see them pester us for a return date.
Fransiska has been listening to the the BoM audio and is now in Ether! We had no idea she was doing this, but she listens to it everyday traveling to and from school. We have been teaching her the Plan of salvation, and she has been asking some very advanced questions. She has many questions about the bible that her church cant answer.
We also attended her church for a youth activity, because Fransiska invited us, but It turned out to be a planning meeting.
I have pictures of Mathew and Fransiska, but not this week sorry.

Church Yesterday was incredible! We had a less active bare his testimony, and we could tell he was touched by the spirit. Many many many people bore their testimony despite our small group. Words cannot describe the spirit and love that was present in that church meeting yesterday.
I know and love this gospel. It has blessed my life and many others. 
I love and miss you all back home. 
Have an incredible week.

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