Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Easter

Another good week,
We contacted a lady that tailors thing, so Elder Arzu and I got some pants hemmed for a discounted price. The lady is very nice, and we are continuing to see her.

The missionaries in Georgetown organized an Easter program for Sunday. That went well. we even printed off a signs to hang in town.
This week we haven't been able to see Mathew, only his little brother and mother. They are awesome people.
We also had a trade-off with my dad(Elder Nixon) and Elder Arzu. That was a lot of fun.

We also taught the Warren kids again. Joshua gave me a big handful of seashells he gathered in "Canouan" (One of the Grenadines) He also gave me a small chunk of a sea turtle shell, and coral as well. He is pretty cool. he was so excited to share his find with me. We have become really good friends with all of them.
Last night we, We had another short trade off with a newer missionary (Elder De Leeuw) He is super cool. We helped a family move out of their house. So we lifted everything into a big box truck then rode with them in the back of the truck with many other people to their new home. It was very late, so I am really tired today, But I never thought I would have the chance to help someone move on my mission because people hardly ever move here.
It was a good week. There is so much more that goes on, I only wish I could type it all. I love and miss you all back home.
Have a great week!

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