Monday, December 5, 2016

Barbados celebrates 50 years!

The week started off with heavy rain all of Tuesday. We were stranded at the church, and even though we are like a 5 min bike ride from our apartment, we were still drenched. The streets here are rivers when it rains. It stayed like that all day, and all night. On Wednesday, It was the 50th anniversary. We decided to go into town, but to our surprise.... Everything was closed! There was hardly anyone walking around. So we got some pictures in Bridgetown. There were fireworks coming from Bridgetown later in the night, but by then, it was too late to go into town. Fireworks went off again at 3:00 am the next morning. 
Our investigators have not been progressing. We are dropping a lot of them this week, and we are using our new contacts. It is hard to let people go just because they are not keeping their commitments. But, then again, we teach a lot of poor people that a little bit further from the church than most people, so the problem we face is getting them to find transportation. 
This week was alright. 
Elder Cox helped me make my first planner cover. It is made from picture found in the "Ensign" magazine. Then sealed to the cover using contact paper. They are pretty cool, and it protects the planner during the 6 weeks of the transfer.
Nothing out of the ordinary. I got assigned a talk in sacrament meeting about the blessing from family home evening, so we will see how that goes. Anyway, this is your Bajan friend signing off and wishing everyone an awesome week!

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