Monday, December 26, 2016

December 12, 2016......Less than two weeks till Christmas!!!

Good week,
We spent last Monday night moving a couch into a 2 story house. It took sooo much effort. It wouldn't fit up the stairs so we had to take it out side and up and over a small balcony. Long story short... I almost died. We moved it for Bro. and sis. Boyce. They gave us Non-alcoholic wine as a way to say thank-you. It was pretty good, but It tasted like  a vita malt mixed with grape juice. 
Also this week, I had a great Trade-off with my District leader (Elder Taylor) He is pretty cool. It went very well.
On Wednesday! We flooded Bridgetown with Books of Mormon! We gave out over 50 copies in 3 hours! Every missionary in Barbados was there. We got a ton of contact too. It was very hot though. I got super burnt on my face.
Also, Yesterday on Sunday, my talk went well. I felt kinda nervous as usual, but was comforted while giving it. The Lord answers my prayers when I need it the most.
We had a huge poisonous centipede come into our house, but It was dead when we found it. (Thanks to the Permetheren, It is a poison that we spray along the base boards) Also The cockroaches never stop coming. I think my Comp. is scared of them, but who would think that they are disgusting! Anyway, always something new everyday, and that's the way it is in the mission. I cant wait to Skype my family on Christmas! I hope everyone has a great week to and an awesome Christmas!

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