Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas/Transfer Calls!

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone's Christmas was awesome! I know mine was! I loved seeing my family over Skype. 
This week was crazy, but let me make it even more crazy because.... We got Transfer Calls!!!!!
I am leaving the beautiful island of Barbados, I will be Flying to another COUNTRY! ST. VINCENT!
My new companion is Elder Moli, and this is Elder Moli's last Transfer until he goes home!
SO much going on! New country, new people,  new culture, new environment. I am freaking out!
I will also be staying in the same apartment with my last companion (Elder Nixon!) 

On Christmas day, I went to church, then I skyped my family right after that. Later in the day, We went to the mission home and got to watch the movies "Remember the Titans" and  "ELF" with the mission president and his wife. Most missionaries that are here on Barbados were there also. 
The next day, I got word that I am going to leave. I have now started the process of seeing everyone I know and saying good-bye to them. The odds of me leaving barbados this transfer were "0" . But there is no rhyme or reason for us to move around whenever.
So, I have a lot to say in so little time. I have a lot to do today. I want to message all of you. I hope that I can here from each of you and know what your Christmas was like. 
Have an awesome week! I love you all!

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