Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Another day in Paradise

I got sunburned last week... Actually I have been burning all week. If Its not raining here, Its really hot... either way your clothes are drenched from sweat or rain. Every elder here sweats( Unless you drive a car in your area).
I was feeling kinda sick on Wednesday. I felt feverish, and my legs and joint were aching, but that was probably from biking all day long. I felt better the next day though. I think my teaching skills are improving. I have been taking the lead a lot more in conversations and lessons. Something that helped with that, was a "trade off" The district leader, Elder Taylor, traded off his companion for mine just for one day. I stayed at his apartment for one day, and did the usual routine. I definitely got a different taste in teaching methods. Every missionary is different. That lasted from Thursday to Friday. We have 5 investigators that are willing to be baptized, and I hope to see them fully develop their faith in this gospel. I just want my first baptism now. This week we played "Dominoes" at Brother Doyle's. It was really fun.  probably because I won most every time. hahaha! The Doyle's are really great members. Everyone here in Barbados plays dominoes. When you ride through the streets at night, You can see many groups outside playing dominoes on a table and making bets. 
This week has been pretty smooth for the most part. I love seeing this branch grow here in Black Rock Barbados. I hope to see our progressing investigators become faithful members (Steve, Moore, Winter, Patrick, Charles) Hope you all have a great week!

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