Monday, October 10, 2016

First week in Barbados

Hello everyone! I was introduced to the small island of "Barbados"s week and its is really pretty here! There is so much green and this place is full of exotic looking plants. First things about Barbados where I live (Black Rock)
-Everyone here drives on the left side of the road
-If you ride a bus, It will be the craziest ride of your life
-There are chickens,cats,dogs, and lizards everywhere you look
-The people here are really nice
-Really busy everywhere
-The Curry here taste great
-Mauby syrup is really good!(soda beverage only in Barbados)
-The best food in Barbados is "Mapps"(Chicken and fries)
This week has been quite the adventure! I been introduced to my new companion........ Shout out to Elder (Tanner) Nixon! from my home town of West Jordan Utah! We both went to Copper Hills High, but he is from the class of 2015.
Elder Nixon is awesome! We have been accomplishing a lot here in Black rock. We have met the nicest people you will ever meet, but their english is terrible! Its is broken english, and it is the hardest thing to understand. It honestly feels like I am learning a new language with all of this "slang". Elder Nixon and I ride around on bike, and I am gunna be honest... Riding a bike here is kinda suicidal. Everyone we meet warns us about the dangers of riding a bike, but I talk all of the precautions necessary.
It was really rare for me to be called to this mission, because there are not a lot of people that get in this mission (especially the English side). There are alot of missionaries that have been here for a year, so that means none of then have seen the new "Star wars" haha! A lot of missionaries are just dieing to see it. This place is awesome though. I cant wait to see more of it! I will most likely be going to the other islands next year in January or February. The cool thing about Barbados is that it is the only island that is not volcanic... It is made from a coral reef. That's why the water is turquoise here and the water is pretty much clean for the most part. Anyway... Love you guys!

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