Monday, October 31, 2016

This week went by fast!

This week went by fast for me. We had apartment inspections, and we did alright.... I guess. There's a few things we can work on, but at least our bedroom and bathroom are clean. haha. I cooked chicken cordon-blue Tuesday night, and it was a success! It tasted like home. We also got some "Rotis" made from a local. They are so good! Its like a Barbados burrito that is loaded with tasty curry. 

We had a baptism for a member that had fallen away from the church many many years ago. He is  really old, but has a strong testimony. I was privileged to be invited to his baptism on Friday. For baptisms like this, It is not publicized. Only 2 sets of missionaries could come. I got to give a talk about the holy ghost. Elder Nixon gave one about baptism itself. I was really nervous during the talk, but I survived.  I also was very fortunate to be one of the witnesses as well. It was great!

We had a Halloween party today with all of the missionaries in Barbados. It was really fun. There was a costume contest, but I didn't dress up. 

I got a sweet hat on the way into town today. I miss wearing hats. 

We had a lot of appointments fall through this week. So we made some new contacts for this week. We also invited a lot of people to church, no one showed... 

Let me know how ya'll are doing!
Have a great week everyone! and Happy Halloween!

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