Monday, October 17, 2016

Hello Everyone!

This week, I got to see some wild monkeys. They were really shy, and didn't stay for long. That wasn't the only wild life I experienced this week, We get at least 1 cockroach a day in our apartment, and we always kill "1" a day. They can fly! and they are huge! But somehow we always find one on our ceiling. The only way to kill them is with your flip-flop. Elder Nixon taught me that. HAHA. We also get a ton of ants in our apartment. We clean the best we can, but they insist on staying in our apartment. Oh well. 
I woke up with a "kink" in my neck on tuesday, and it has been a problem this entire week. It restricts my view of the road when i am riding my bike. Thankfully, The senior couple had a hot pack for my neck. It has been doing wonders for me. I also got a flat tire yesterday from a shard of glass
This week was district conference, and we have been bussing a ton because of the adult session, and the main session. The place where we held the main session was not at a church..... but a resort! It was so beautiful there. It was extremely hot that day, and seeing the BEAUTIFUL beach right next to resort just about killed me!!! It was at the Savannah Resort Hotel. I got some great picture there too:)
We have aquired lots of progressing investigators. For example, "Winter" We found winter while contacting, and we got to have a good discussion with him. He was sitting back and relaxing until we pulled up on our bikes . We offered to help him with anything he needed around the house. He told us that he needed his house painted, and then he asked how much we would charge. After telling him that we were more than happy to help serve him for free, he began to listen to our message.We talked with him about the role religion plays in his life, and then he began to share his experiences with religion. Anyway, after explaining the restoration, he decided to show us  his home. He really opened up and began telling everything about his life. I can say that we had really developed a friendship He offered us a drink(soda) and told us to come back again. I really hope that Winter will find the truth. I have really come to love the people here in barbados. We have days where we are making so many contacts.  I hope that I will be able to bring them unto Christ.I love you all! I appreciate the emails I get that are directly from the heart. I pray for all of you back at home, and don't think that I don't miss any of you!

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