Sunday, February 5, 2017

Climbing Hills in the Rain.....January 23rd Letter

Elder Moli and I have been doing so much work in the rain this week. The rain will not stop us. It has been another good week here in the jungle. We have a baptismal date set for a lady named: "Nicole" She is super cool and we are really excited for her. We love her and her family. She has a very sweet spirit. We are praying she will continue to progress.
I had goat meat for breakfast this morning. It tastes really good. So... That is my day so far.
Yesterday, I gave a talk in church "Why are the commandments important" It went well.
This week we had Zone conference. The 6 hour meeting went really well. We had KFC for lunch. We also took some photos too.

Cool story, A member in our branch went to church last in town for the Caribbean Broadcast message. Other member went as well. Her and the other members pool together the little money they had for a bus into town to go to the Kingstown church. Once the members realized they didn't have enough money for the bus, this lady stepped in and paid the extra money. After they got back from church that Sunday, The lady went home and to her surprise, found a groceries on her kitchen table. The extra money she spent on the bus was going to be used for the EXACT groceries she was going to buy the next day. She had every single thing she was going to get right down to the bottle and brand of mayo she was going to buy. Still to this day, no one knows where the groceries came from. No one else knew about this either. When we stopped by to visit her this week, sh told us this story. She broke into tears and said: "I know the lord is watching over me".

I know the lord provides for our physical & spiritual needs if we remain faithful to him. 

I love you all, I hope each and everyone of you have a great week!

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