Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Volcanos, Earthquakes, Giant Spiders & Transfer Calls!!

Now that I have everyone's attention... This week was pretty crazy... Nothing unusual about that. :)

This week, We hiked "La Soufriere" It is an active volcano where we live. The hike was super long and steep. The top was really cloudy and kinda cold. We could hardly see into the crater. It was too foggy. 
The next day (Tuesday), We had a delicious feast prepared for the missionaries by one of our investigators (Ashby & sis. Philips) During the feast, We goit our transfer call! MY new Companion is Elder Tye! I have met him before back in Barbados. He is coming this week. Which means my comp. (elder moli) is going home this week. So sad.
Later in the week, I was awaken during my nap by a small earthquake. We thought the volcano was erupting! HAHA. It was just a tiny earthquake.
 Yesterday morning, I woke up to find a huge ugly spider. I have a picture of it this time. We killed it, and went on with our day. 

This week has been really busy with elder Moli getting ready to go home. We have been having him say good-bye to everyone here in Vincy.
That will be me one day.
Today for p-day, we went to "Wilabou Bay" This is the place where they shot the very first scene of "Pirates of the Caribbean" It was pretty cool. I stood on the exact dock where Jack Sparrow was when he jumped off the sinking boat... Pretty cool. There were some older buildings that we explored nearby that were pretty interesting too. 
An awesome week. The people here are so cool. I love them
I hope you all have a great week!

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