Sunday, February 5, 2017

Very Sick....January 30, 2017 Letter

Well, I got really sick with a nasty cold this entire week. The sore throat was unusually painful. Many symptoms followed. including :coughing, runny nose, sinus pressure, and a terrible headache. I am feeling better today, but I still am sick. I am loosing my voice as well.

Long story short, Two teens crawled into our house through a small window while me and Moli were inside getting ready for bed. They went into elder smiths/Nixons room, and stole about $50 usd and $80 EC. It was all elder nixons personal money. They also took elder molis speaker. We are double checking everything before we go to bed. When the two thieves escaped, they broke our main water line! They tripped over it when they ran away. 
So..... That is pretty much my week. We got the main line fixed the next day.

Kinda a gloomy week really. I am not gonna lie. Really, The weather here has been foggy. 
The week went by really fast because of all the rest I got.
Next week will be way better.
I love you all. Have a wonderful week!
Here is a pic. with "Super-star" He brings pictures of Joseph smith and every prophet with him to church. He has them out and looks at them during sacrament meeting. What a neat guy.

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